domenic chiaromonte



Chef Domenic Chiaromonte is a Toronto chef/caterer, the executive chef and co-owner of Motorino Enoteca and C2 catering couture all located north of Toronto.

Chef Dom is the author of Creating the Unexpected is also the star of TV's My Favorite Dish, has been featured on Food Network's Superstar Chef Challenge, Slice Network, Life Network, HGTV, Breakfast Television, CBS, Fox, and recently on CBS's The Early Show and Martha Stewart Living Radio. Traveling the globe and introducing himself to the cuisines of India, Morocco, Spain, Greece, Italy, Thailand, Japan and China, Chef Dom has created his own distinct style.

Canada's melting pot of cultures has served as a personal canvas for his dishes and plating style. With that said, he has not only mastered the skills of creating edible works of art, but also the ability to transform each gourmet dish intoan extraordinary event and experience.